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Gwendolen Gross' newest novel, The Orphan Sister, is a favorite contemporary women's fiction book at Here are some of the 5-star reviews: "Gross provides us with an insightful, witty, and tender portrait of individuals who come to realize that they may not know each other as well as they thought they did, but ultimately, who choose to come together as family. (Suzanne Samuels)." "Gwendolen Gross goes to the heart of sisterhood in her new novel -- The Orphan Sister. She also maximizes her deft touch in capturing the fullness of passionate love, for a person, for a place, for a time in life. (Eileen Granfors)." Read all of these book reviews at The Orphan Sister page at

Book reviews of The Orphan Sister

Five Great Summer Reads ... The Orphan Sister ... Although Clementine is the odd girl out, as she was born from a single egg, while her sisters are identical. An exquisite book about first love, loss, family, and acceptance."
- Stephanie Elliot, She Knows - Real Moms Guide

"It's such a treat to find a great book.  We usually can tell there's something special about them on the first page-like love at first site! That's how we feel about Gwendolen Gross and The Orphan Sister - she had us at page one! We think The Orphan Sister should be on your short list to read this summer - it's a fun read that also has some weight to it-a perfect balance!"
-  Liz, Chick Lit is not Dead!

"I'm so happy to have discovered [Gwendolen Gross] and am immensely enjoying her latest novel, The Orphan Sister. Gwendolen's familial themes and lyrical prose have me hooked.
- Amy Miller Gross

"Even though I'm very different than Clementine I could really relate to her desire to feel safe and accepted. Her relationship with her father (though different) made me reflect on my own relationship with mine. I'd love to go on and on discussing the end of the book, but I do not want to spoil the story for any of you. I absolutely recommend The Orphan Sister and if you are in a book club this is a must read!"
- Laura Kay, A Novel Review

Author interviews with Gwendolen Gross

Chick Lit Central: The Blog! Interview with Gwendolen Gross
Q: "What is the best compliment you have ever received on any of your novels?" A: "Oh my. I suppose with "The Other Mother" when people said they were trying to decide which mother was them, and they felt for each (a working mom and a stay at home mom), I was thrilled, since that was my goal. With The Orphan Sister, hearing that its a page-turner makes me want to kiss the reader, because I'd really hoped to make it both suspenseful and rich with sisterhood truths. Plus, I love it when I can make someone laugh."

Writer Interviews -- Interview with Gwendolen Gross

Q: "What is it about sisters that is so compelling?" A: "Anyone who has sisters knows you share many things: frame of reference, in-jokes, adolescent contempt for parents, deep and sometimes jealous love of those same parents. Sisters give you a model, a mold, for many of life's relationships. Shared experience and competition, both. I think of my sisters daily, but viscerally, rather than intellectually."

Amy Miller Gross -- Author interview with Gwendolen Gross
Q: "[What is your] favorite part of life as a writer?" A: "That's tough; there are so many good parts. I love when I'm writing and feel the raw material of it all, the potential to tell something true, through my own particular lens, and a metaphor brings me closer to what I really mean, and a dialogue maybe even makes me laugh, and then I look up and its time to pick up the kids and the worlds fold into each other like origami."

Chick Lit is not Dead! 5 Do's and a Do Over -- Interview with Gwendolen Gross
"Do listen-to your children (what if a dog flew up on a stage and ate a battery and then he farted and then the sky exploded and then), to your spouse or love in whatever format, to your friends, your neighbors (who provide so much fascinating material), your parents as much as you can bear, your siblings, the woman at the Trader Joes checkout, your own needs and desires, the birds."

RT Book Reviews -- Gwendolen Gross Talks Sisterhood and The Orphan Sister
"Writing The Orphan Sister was easy, in some ways -- the truths of sisterhood run like arteries through life, whether you have one sister, three sisters, no sisters. In fact, I have two sisters from one family, and another who is technically my half-sister, and a step-brother, though he may not be ushered to the fore at the flock of girls, but we used to run down mountains holding hands, so he's very much a part of my fictional narrative, and personal history, too."

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