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The Orphan Sister is a book club favorite and a top book club selection of book groups around the country. It's a perfect novel for women's book groups and moms book groups. Engage your book discussion group with book club discussion questions.

The Orphan Sister

by Gwendolen Gross

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Praise for The Orphan Sister - Women's bookclub favorite
 Moms book group bestseller

"Breathtakingly original. A haunting exploration of love, loyalty, sisters, hope, and the ties that bind us together and make the ground tremble beneath us when they break...I loved, loved, loved this novel."

Caroline Leavitt, bestselling author of Pictures of You

"With exquisite language and an empathetic ear, Gwendolen Gross paints a gorgeous portrait of life, love, loss and sisterhood, and forces you to ask yourself: how far will you go for your family and what secrets can shatter even that bond? The Orphan Sister will linger long after you've turned the final page."

- Allison Winn Scotch, bestselling author of The One That I Want

"The Orphan Sister is engaging and sentence-perfect, wonderful in so many ways, but I love it best for its vibrant, emotionally complex main character Clementine. I felt so entirely with her, as she loves those around her with both devotion and complexity and as she struggles to achieve a delicate balance between belonging to others and being herself."

- Marisa de los Santos, bestselling author of Belong to Me

"This charming portrait of an impossibly gorgeous and gifted family is something rare: a delightful confection, filled with humor and warmth, that also probes the complex nature of identity, the vagaries of romantic and filial love, and the materialism inherent in contemporary American culture."

- Joanna Smith Rakoff, bestselling author of A Fortunate Age

"Talk about sibling rivalry! Narrator Clementine Lord, one of a set of triplets, is the odd girl out. Odette and Olivia, aka the Os, came from the same egg dividing, but Clementine was the extra egg in the womb. As a child, she never got the same treatment from their father as did her sisters, and Clementine still feels like she doesn't match with her siblings. Her father's eventual return reveals a dark secret that will change Clementine and all the Lords. Readers who enjoy a well-written novel about complex family relationships will want to read Gross' latest.

- Kristen Stewart, Library Journal

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